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Even though many of the rules have changed on selecting appraisers, lenders still need the most informed and competent vendors. Utilizing an inexperienced, unprofessional, or out-of-town appraiser put deals at risk and can invite problems, both in the near term and years down the road. The best choice is an appraiser who has the expertise and ethics to provide the highest quality work and knows the market inside and out.

In reality, it often means that a less experienced appraiser, often from as far away as 100 miles, receives work that formerly went to local appraisers with significant experience and extensive familiarity with a market. Thus, rather than being an improvement, this AMC list/rotation mechanism can result in inaccurate values that perpetuate the mortgage/foreclosure crisis & poor housing market.

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We have been appraising real estate in the Pee Dee area for many years. Our expertise in the ever-changing market conditions in this area allow us to provide you with an accurate assessment of the current real estate value. Major mortgage providers count on our services due to our thoroughness to arrive at an accurate appraisal for residents located in Florence, Effingham, Quinby, Lake City, Coward, Scranton, Johnsonville, Pamplico, Darlington, Hartsville, Dillion, Lake View, Marion and Mullins.

Jonathan D. Chandler, SRA

Be sure that you request us if your lender asks you for YOUR choice of appraisal firms.More than likely we are already on their approved list, and if not we will quickly provide your lender with the necessary documentation to become approved.

The key to a smooth lender/appraisal relationship is to approach it as a team effort. Communication, openness, dedication, loyalty and compassion on the part of the lender can go a long way toward insuring that the appraiser is a true team player.

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You can rely on our expertise and knowledge of the Pee Dee market to provide you an accurate appraisal of your property.


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Even though many of the rules have changed on selecting appraisers, lenders still need the most informed and competent vendors...

When appraisal management companies (AMCs) entered the mortgage loan process (after sweeping government regulations took effect in May of 2009), the mechanism for appraiser selection changed significantly. Appraisers now receive work by being put on the AMC’s list, and then the appraisal assignments are distributed randomly on a rotational basis (or an appraisal is sent to numerous appraisers and whoever hits the accept key the fastest gets the assignment). In theory, this would be one step in preventing any pressure on appraisers to hit a value.