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Are you certified for FHA?
Yes! We have FHA certified appraisers

What about commercial or land appraisals? 

Yes! We have commercial appraisers that handle all commercial appraisal assignments and land appraisals.

Why should I hire an appraiser? 

The simple answer is to find out how much your property is worth. But a certified appraisal also can help with other matters, including taxes and eliminating private mortgage insurance. A licensed appraiser can also help you with estate planning, analyzing the feasibility of proposed improvements, determining the best use for a property, and with insurance valuations.

How does an appraiser come up with a value? 

By viewing your property in detail and then analyzing market data, including both historic and current comparable sales, current offers, pending sales, and proposed improvements. Then the appraiser compares your property to the broader market.

How do I get ready for an appraiser?

The best thing you can do to help is make sure the appraiser has easy access to the exterior of the house. Trim any bushes and move any items that would make it difficult to measure the structure. On the interior, make sure that the appraiser can easily access all areas of the property.

​Because during the appraisal process the appraiser will come to your home and measure it, determine the layout of the rooms inside, confirm all aspects of the home's general condition, and take several photos of your house for inclusion in the report.

​The following Items, although not required, if available, will help your appraiser to provide a more accurate appraisal in a shorter period of time:

  • A survey of the house and property.
  • A deed or title report showing the legal description.
  • A recent tax bill.
  • A copy of the original plans.

​​How long is an appraisal good for?

Although there is no fixed expiration date on an appraisal, most lenders consider them outdated after six months.

​​How long does it take to receive the appraisal?

Depending on our schedule, you will normally receive the completed appraisal report as time is allotted after the visit.

Does the homeowner need to be home during the process?

Not necessarily, but we do require access to all internal and external areas of the property. The homeowner is welcome to meet with the appraiser and should plan on 15-45 minutes inside the residence depending on size and complexity of the property. The outside portion of the assessment can be done without your assistance if you are on a tight schedule.

​​Can the appraiser talk to other people about my home and the reasons for my appraisal?

No. The relationship between an appraiser and client is bound by confidentiality.

​​Is an appraisal the same as a home inspection?

Not at all. The home inspector is investigating only the physical property. His concern is condition, defects, and hazards. A real estate appraiser is concerned with value. The appraiser must investigate many other influences on value in addition to condition, defects, and hazards.

What is GLA?
GLA is gross living area, the common measurement used in the appraisal of residential property. It is calculated by taking exterior dimensions of the building for above grade finished area. It does not include below grade space, whether finished or not. Below grade area is calculated and analyzed separately.

What if I have the biggest house in the neighborhood?!

If the appraiser users other home sales in my neighborhood for comparison, will that make my appraised value less?

Not necessarily. The appraiser will consider all relevant real estate data in the area. But when analyzing other recent sales, the appraiser generally will look for the homes most comparable to yours in terms of physical characteristics and the appeal of the location. In other words, the sales in your neighborhood might not make for the best comparisons if those homes are significantly less appealing. The appraiser may determine that the best for comparison home sales are in another neighborhood in the area.

Do you appraise in counties not on your list?
Yes! While it is rare for us to travel outside our coverage areas, we are fully certified for all towns and cities in South Carolina.​​

We recognize that the needs of our clients are unique and varied. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, please email or telephone us about your specific appraisal need. We’d be delighted to discuss it with you.

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