By working with Florence Appraisal, Inc. rest assured that our team of certified and experienced appraisers have considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of assessing the value of a property under stressful and time-sensitive circumstances. We are discreet and will maintain confidentiality to assure your privacy is protected.  We provide the best in professional appraisal service and courtesy, while also delivering the highest quality appraisal reports for bail bondsman in the Pee Dee area.

Jonathan D. Chandler, SRA

We know the importance of moving quickly in order to get your loved ones home as soon as possible.  The situation requires us to stop working on other appraisals already in progress, and reschedule appointments in order to focus strictly on your immediate needs. Your appraisal will receive our highest priority. Bail Bond Appraisal fees will vary based on requirements & time needs.

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You can rely on our expertise and knowledge of the Pee Dee market to provide you an accurate appraisal of your property.

We recognize that the needs of our clients are unique and varied. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, please email or telephone us about your specific appraisal need. We’d be delighted to discuss it with you.

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We have been appraising real estate in the Pee Dee area for many years. Our expertise in the ever-changing market conditions in this area allow us to provide you with an accurate assessment of the current real estate value. Major mortgage providers count on our services due to our thoroughness to arrive at an accurate appraisal for residents located in Florence, Effingham, Quinby, Lake City, Coward, Scranton, Johnsonville, Pamplico, Darlington, Hartsville, Dillion, Lake View, Marion and Mullins.

We understand the traumatic effects that can be associated with incarceration, even for a very short period of time. There are very few situations in which an appraisal legitimately must be done very very quickly. An appraisal needed to determine collateral for a bail or immigration bond, while your loved one is in jail or some other type of custody, would certainly qualify for our highest priority. Our services will be both confidential and discreet to assure your privacy..

The key to a smooth bail bonds/appraisal relationship is to approach it as a team effort. Communication, openness, dedication, loyalty and compassion on the part of the bail bondsman can go a long way toward insuring that Florence Appraisal, Inc. is a true team player when services are needed for your clients.

We understand how difficult and stressful these situations can be...

Appraisals Of Real Property For Bail Bonds

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If you are a homeowner who needs to post bail, an appraisal may be required to allow the bail bondsman to determine the value of the home that will be used as collateral for the bail bond.